Donald Trumps Impeachment

Impeachment is the act of an official being charged due to misconduct in office. Recently Donald Trump has been impeached but it hasn’t been the first time that has happened to him. He is now the first president to ever been impeached twice during the same term.

The first time Donald Trump had gotten impeached was on December 18, 2019, for abuse of power and the obstruction of congress. It was revealed that President Trump had threatened the President of Ukrainian by refusing to give foreign aid money until he investigated Hunter Biden. The second time Donald Trump got impeached (which was most recent) was on January 13, 2021, for his incitement of the capitol riots. On January 6th, 2021 Donald trump supporters broke into the US capitol. The supporters broke into the capitol because Trump had held a rally and told them to fight and have strength. Many of the rioters had brought weapons like guns and etc but many people had gotten injured and 5 killed at the end of the day. Officials weren’t going to let the riots slide so the protesters are going to have consequences for breaking into the capitol and destruction of property. officials are trying to find rioters who had a part in the capitol riot and file charges against the people. The rioters, the officials have found have mostly been filed with misdemeanors. The riot was seen as an act of terrorism so rioters could face worse charges.

Now that Donald Trump is impeached, an official trial for Trump will happen the day before Joe Biden is put into office. Trump could also lose his pensions (monthly income in retirement). Democrats are trying to keep Trump from running for president in 2024 when it is said he will run again.