The Art of Expression

Nyssa Valdez, Staff Writer

“Expression” is when someone presents their inner thoughts or feelings. Rather than the aggressive events that have happened during these past few months, there is a simpler, civil option to share your personal opinion, which can take form in the way of art. It’s always important to be aware of what ways there are for you to express yourself freely.

Expressing your feelings and thoughts is a key factor in maintaining stable mental health and just a positive overall mindset. You as a person have a voice of your own and have the ability to have an opinion and be proud of it. Expressing yourself to your own desire is what brings a person self-confidence and empowerment in one’s own life.

Items that go to the 3 main art categories.

Art as an overall subject is whatever a person imagines and wishes for it to be. There are endless ways to create art whether it’s within literature, paintings, or music; each holds various opportunities for a person to be inspired and create their own mix. Although there is an endless number of ways that a person could express themselves for whichever form they choose to follow, there is no best or correct way. A person can only be stopped by their own imagination and willingness to commit. There is no limit to which way you choose to follow as long as you are happy with the outcome. 

The lockdown covid-19 has us in can be harmful to someone’s mindset due to being locked in solitude. Whether you live with people or alone, it creates an environment that can lead someone to be easily agitated or depressed. Being so stressed is not a good thing and can cause a great decline in health whether it’s mentally or physically. Having high-stress levels just worsens the situation everyone is currently dealing with. Participating in art itself is a way to relax your mind and just take a breather from whatever could be stressing you at the moment. There is no limit to art that allows you to be yourself. Art is whichever form you choose to express yourself and is fixed to what you want it to be. You are able to choose the outcome and what it should follow accordingly.  You can take inspiration from another creator, however, be as unique as possible towards your own taste to truly show self-expression. You don’t need fancy-high end brands in order to be successful in creating art, you just need to have the willingness and determination.

Covid-19 is still going on and is only worsening by the minute, however, a vaccine did come out and is seeing high success rates so far. People are being enabled to get the first dose of the vaccine although it is impossible to help everyone in a day. Along with that good news, there is some bad that is caused by a recent riot by trump supporters forcing their way into the capital. Many people are being put under stress for the aftermath that is yet to come. Rather than causing riots like the most recent event at the capital, it is better to express yourself in a more civil way to show you mean no harm and simply want to share your opinion. You could even make profits off of said art and run a business out of it while using your own voice within your artwork.