Birthdays during COVID-19

Daniel Torres, Staff Writer

COVID-19 seems to have taken over our lives, it has affected yearly events like holidays and birthday parties. The U.S. has a whopping 25% of COVID cases which has forced us to adapt gatherings like parties. For some, this will be the second year celebrating in quarantine and I’d like to give you some ideas on how to have a fun but safe birthday celebration. Let’s start with things you should keep from doing, something everyone should do is prevent gathering in big groups because that makes the risk of getting the virus much higher.

Now for some fun and safe birthday ideas.

  1. My first idea involves watching a movie with your immediate family. This idea is really easy to do because there’s no need to keep six feet or wear a mask. Just enjoying one another’s company. Plus you could get your favorite food through curbside pickup.
  2. My second idea involves watching a movie with friends but you can also have a socially distant picnic together, you can talk about anything while still keeping each other safe.
  3. My third idea can be done with however many people you could invite, because of extensions you could add to your browser, you could watch movies with friends whenever through free services like telepathy, Hulu watch party, group watch, and squad. Along with watching the movie, you could each get your choice of food and stay safe doing it.

There’s a multitude of ways you could celebrate your birthday while following CDC guidelines and I strongly encourage anyone reading this to stay safe and help slow the spread in the U.S.