Traveling during the holidays can make COVID-19 worse

Faith Guzman, Staff Writer

The new year has finally begun! Everyone is excited to start off the new year, but with the holidays that just passed by, things may not be getting better anytime soon.

When the holidays come around, people usually gather around and have fun with their family, but with Coronavirus around many people were advised not to. On Thanksgiving Eve, more than one million people cleared airport security. On a normal occasion, this would have been the same thing as any other holiday, but with Coronavirus around it is quite concerning especially because there is no guarantee that the person next to you is carrying the virus or not. Although to some people the holidays are only celebrated with family, there are times where you can take a step back and think about the positive and negatives of your decisions.

All in all, about 1.99 million have contracted Coronavirus in Texas alone, and there have been about  30,720 deaths. Although these may look like small numbers, when you see how many states there are in the United States, having this many cases in one state alone itself is a very wary idea. It is now said that one in five hospital beds in Texas is occupied with Coronavirus patients. It is important to know what to do when you come in contact with Coronavirus. Something you should know is that there is no specific treatment for COVID-19, but you can seek medical care to help relieve your symptoms.