Living in the Moment

Nyssa Valdez, Staff Writer

Covid-19 is a virus that can be spread easily if no precautions are being taken. From the start of 2020, the whole world has been suffering from a pandemic due to the spread of the virus. People are scared for what the future has in store because as of right now due to having no easily available vaccines the virus only worsens and more people struggle.

The gloves and surgical masks you can see people wearing. (Nyssa Valdez)

Although there has been a recent vaccine established and passed testing, there is a slow process of creating the vaccine and shipping it to the places most needed. Some are scared to use the vaccine due to its uncertainty of fully being effective. For now, people still have to go through subtle and large changes in order to stay safe. Some subtle changes would be excessive use of sanitizer and higher reminders to always wash your hands. Some of the larger-scale changes would be the mandatory masks and social distancing always being put into place everywhere in order to lessen the chances of getting the virus. Many events and businesses closed due to trying to lessen the number of people leaving their homes.

With the wariness a person gets from receiving covid, quarantine locking them in their homes, and overall a different environment where people are restricted from seeing their loved ones it highly affects a person. People would distance themselves and developmental illnesses due to having no social contact and anxiety caused by the wariness of becoming ill. Social skills are the first development helped taught at a young age because without any social skill life itself could be a challenge. You need social skills whether it’s the main focus of your job or not because you need to have your own voice. You speak up for what you believe in and what you want. To not use any social skills, texting or messaging friends and family through any sort of media is the best solution. It helps you stay connected and still hold that bond you once had before. You can also call on the phone and video chat to get a better feeling as if in person. 

Beyond just your mental stability, there is a future where people would not know what to do with all the new policies covid has put into place. For example, many businesses and new ones have taken the opportunity to create their own stylized masks. However, what will happen to all of them after this pandemic ends? As well as the extra cleaning supplies and measures of wearing gloves, what would happen to all the new items created to help us adapt to the pandemic policy? There are many questions for any businesses that have created something due to the fact there would be all these items that no one would need anymore so there was a waste of production. You simply can’t burn or toss out everything because that would pollute the very planet we live on. There have even been cases now where wild animals are getting caught in thrown out masks due to getting tangled in the string. It’s best to always remember that we need to keep ourselves safe along with our furry friends that live out in the real world simply living according to their nature.

With the circumstances, everyone is living in currently, it is especially important to remember to be on top of each thing that you do. You never know when another outbreak of panic ensures and stores start to run out of stock like how it did at the beginning of the pandemic. Don’t waste things that you know you can use later or create wasteful one-time thing products.