Opening up can change your life

Faith Guzman, Staff Writer

An eighteen-year-old woman, Monika Garcia,  told us about how opening up to the people around her helped her overcome the hole she was in emotionally. Seeing her talk about the battles she fought and overcame really shows her character and how strong she is.

When asked if she was happy she explained what she goes through when she feels down or sad. “Yes, I am happy. There are times where I find myself thinking like my past self but that is when I talk to someone that can help me get my mind off of things,” She said.  When looking at her behavior, she seems like she was genuinely better, she had such a warm aura and her smile seemed to reach her eyes.

There are many reasons a person could open up, from wanting to help yourself and wanting to help the people around you, why did you bring yourself to open up? “Seeing my family grow stressed and seeing them grow apart because of me made me want to get better because seeing the people that I loved slowly lose their light made my heart hurt worse than it ever has.”

Emotions are hard to keep control of and if you keep them to yourself you can end up losing your battle. Throughout the interview, she seemed to be getting emotional, but with the lights in her eyes, she seemed to not regret opening up to the people around her.

Depression is a big factor in many people’s lives all around the world, no matter who you are there can be a chance you or a person around you can be battling depression.  There are many types of depression and there are many ways to treat it. Counseling is a remedy that many people use when they want to seek out help whether it’s for depression or just situations in general.

There are many beneficial factors that can happen when you go to counseling such as, improved communication and interpersonal skills, relief from depression, anxiety, or other mental health conditions, and greater self-acceptance and self-esteem. Of course, going to counseling or therapy will not get you happier in one day, every day can be a little better when you vent or open up about your problems to your counselor. Although, there can be times where you may have a hard time opening up to a random stranger, and counseling seems like the worst way to get help. In those cases, talking to people you know can really help you get through the hard part of your life.