It has come to an end


Joel Espinoza, staff writer

The Football season has come to an end as our Mighty Falcon’s last game was December 4th, 2020 against Harlingen South and came up short of victory, but we were very proud of our falcons. The Los Fresnos Falcon ended with a record 2-4 in district play and came up short missing the playoffs this season.

The Falcons had a lot of battles this season during District play, the Falcons fought really hard throughout the season. Our offense was led by Senior Quarterback, Adrian Longoria, and Senior Running Back, Chris Resendiz, as Chris had another amazing season racking up over 500 yards rushing and over 6 touchdowns and proving himself as one of the best running backs in the Valley. Also on the defensive side, we had some standouts as we had Junior Cornerback Hector Muniz and Junior Greg Jones both having outstanding seasons. The Falcons defense was rock solid as it has been the last years under head coach Patrick Brown and the triple option was great this season as its trickery would confuse defenses.

This season has been very different from seasons in the past as Covid-19 impacts the lives of many Falcons. The Los Fresnos District and Los Fresnos Football team did an incredible job containing the virus as we were able to have a clean season and none of our players tested positive for the virus, congrats to our coaches for following guidelines, that allowed players to play the game they love and fans to watch the team they love. The season was fun to watch for everyone that saw the games.

It was an amazing season with a sad ending as the Falcons weren’t able to make the playoffs, but like always we love our Mighty Falcons and cant wait to see them next year as they will try to fight for the Texas State Championship.