Tiny Acts of Kindness

Fatima Cazares

Kindness is a universally necessary concept so that everybody can feel seen and heard. Even the tiniest acts of kindness can make a person’s day, or may even help them through any commotion they may be going through.

Being kind is completely free, you could make someone’s day with just a smile. One could never know what someone else is going through, giving a tiny act of kindness can show someone that someone out there cares. One tiny act of kindness that no one really thinks about is eye-contact in conversations. Eye-contact can show a person that you are interested in the conversation and you care. If someone won’t meet your gaze, you may assume that they’re uninterested in what you have to say.

Four tiny acts of kindness you can do in the middle of your day:

1. Hold the door for someone.

Holding the door for someone could help them. Maybe the person has their hands full, they could have been busy with their kids, or are running late to something and those 3 seconds could really help a person out.

2.  Smile.

Smiling at strangers may make a person’s day. Smiling is contagious and people may pass on that smile.

3. Picking up litter.

Although picking up litter may not make someone else happy, it helps the environment a little more. Which makes the environment happy and healthier.

4. Saying thank you.

Saying thank you to someone even for any little thing can make a person feel appreciated and could bring a smile to their face.

“The world is a kinder place when you’re kind” – Unknown.