Cindy’s Holidays

Faith Guzman, Staff Writer

Cindy Guzman, a 32-year-old woman who comes from a small town in Mexico, told us about how she spends the holidays and opened up about her feelings on how she ’tis the seasons.

When asked how she spends her holidays and how she thinks her holidays can be seen as “unique” she told us about some of her traditions. “I believe that my way is unique because we like to mix things up a little. Of course, we celebrate it traditionally, but I like to think that we include more things than other people,” she said. She included that she spends holidays with family and sometimes likes to travel with just her husband and kids so that they can make their holidays a little interesting and not the same thing every year.

There are times that many people feel somewhat disappointed that the holidays are coming soon, what would you say your emotions are? “When I am near the holidays I always feel cheerful, even though my wallet is screaming” she states.  When talking about the holidays I noticed that she had a huge smile on her face and was always happily talking about the topic.

“Something that has become sort of a tradition is we have mistletoe and all of the couples have to stand under it and
welcome the new year with a kiss and of course, the children make a big fuss.” She states smiling softly. By the look in her eyes, you can tell she is reminiscing all of the old memories she has had over the years during the holidays.

Cindy talked about her holidays and what makes them hers, and she helped show us that switching up your routines can be fun and exciting. Most importantly, she showed us how she likes to spend the holidays surrounded by the people she loves.