Celebrating Day of the Dead

Faith Guzman, Staff Writer

Day of the Dead or Dia de Los Muertos is celebrated from November 1st until November 2nd. We talked to a woman who has been celebrating Day of the Dead ever since she was born and she helped open up our eyes to how important Day of the Dead is.

A 36-year-old woman told us what she does every time she celebrates Day of the Dead and it is very heartwarming. “Day of the Dead has always been celebrated and I grew up celebrating it. The most important thing that I do is go visit my relatives that passed and honor them,” she says.

Day of the Dead is known for being very happy and bright so we asked her how she felt celebrating Day of the Dead. “I usually get very emotional but at the same time I get happy because I know
that they are at peace, and one of my favorite parts of Dis de Los Muertos is all of the colors and how everyone is happy and celebrating the passing on of their relatives.”

During hard times like these, how did you celebrate Day of the Dead? “With coronavirus around, it made it harder for people to really celebrate Day of the Dead, but I believe that either way we honor their souls every day, and hopefully they still feel our love even without a big celebration.”

When asked to tell us what Day of the Dead means to her she said the most touching thing. “Day of the Dead can be such a beautiful thing to experience, it helps us cope with the fact that even if our late relatives are not here with us, their souls are always surrounding us and guiding us,” she says.