Social Media Disrupts the Focus of Students

Alexus Hernandez, Staff Writer

Kayla Hernandez distracted by the use of her phone while doing school work. (Alexus Hernandez)

Now with students learning online, they are more prone to getting distracted by social media during school, as well as when they are doing homework.  The impulse of checking their phones every second can be quite difficult for students during online classes in which they are in. Students are more than likely to use their phones during class due to no teacher figure physically being there with them to prevent the use of phones. Some students will attend class and wander off to social media and give 100% of their attention to their devices rather than to the teachers. The distraction of social media during online classes can cause students to not fully understand lectures given by teachers and result in poor grades. When students are not distracted by using their phones they may finish assignments and homework early but the use of social media while working on these will cause students to take a long period of time in accomplishing their work. On average, a teenager will spend about 6 to 9 hours a day on social media which leaves rarely anytime for school work.

The distraction of social media may be difficult but can be prevented. A way students can prevent getting distracted by social media is by silencing their phones and turning their phone downwards to where they can’t see the screen during class. Another way students may prevent getting distracted by social media is by simply placing their phones away from the area they are at or stored away. Though teachers are not physically around students at home, they can still prevent students from using their phones during class. Teachers can give assignments that would be a bit more enjoyable for their students to do rather than long, exhausting work.