Gender Equality at Schools

Fatima Cazares

Gender equality in school is very important, girls, boys, and others must feel safe and secure in a learning environment. Although we do have more gender equality than before, it is still a great issue that most people throw a blind eye to.

Don’t we already have gender equality at schools? Not exactly. For example, many schools extend their rules and/or are stricter on girls regarding dress code while some school staff lay back on the boys just because of their gender. This may attack a girl’s self-esteem and possibly even make them feel unequal to her other classmates male or female. An article from Ashville Academy states, “For some girls, they feel singled out and objectified because they’re told their clothing is too provocative and distracting to the boys.”

Gender equality has many strengths that schools can benefit from to make their students feel equal. A strength of gender equality that can bring to schools is that everyone will be and feel welcome and not feel as if they can’t do or express themselves just because of their gender. 

Boys in Montreal wore skirts to school in protest of sexism and discrimination against women. “The movement has two objectives,” Renaud, 15, told the Montreal Gazette on Friday, October 2nd.“One is to fight against the hypersexualization of women’s bodies, to allow them to wear what they want, and break the codes of our society — (and two) to stop saying there’s a gender for everything, this is for boys and this is for girls…” This of course made the girls at school feel appreciated and heard. The boys who grew up with stereotypical gender roles most likely felt uncomfortable and humiliated. However, it is major for these students to understand that every human regardless of gender is entitled to their own body and how they would like to present themselves.  It’s important for every student regardless of gender to feel equal. It is a basic human right.