Who else celebrates Thanksgiving?

Fatima Gallegos , Staff Writer

Thanksgiving the time where everyone gathers with their friends and family. The time of year one can break the diet by eating turkey but Thanksgiving isn’t only celebrated by the United States, it’s common in other countries as well.

A country that celebrates Thanksgiving is our up door neighbor, Canada. However, they celebrate it differently than in the United States. Canada first celebrated the holiday on November 6, 1879, now it is celebrated on the second Monday of October. They take this time to give thanks for a great harvest and to their loved ones. Many Canadians enjoy Thanksgiving but they do not make it a big celebration like in America. They usually feast during the day with friends and family by having some of their famous dishes. They eat Maple-Bacon Glazed Turkey with Bourbon Gravy, turkey dressing, squash, and sweet potatoes. For dinner, they serve Nanaimo Bars, Blueberry Grunt, and Maple Sugar Pie.

Another country that participates in Thanksgiving is China. They call it “Gan’en Jie” which means ‘thanks for grace’. Chinese people usually express gratitude to friends, family, coworkers, teachers, and other relevant people in their lives.  Some unique dishes they eat are Streamed Crab on Glutinous rice, Oyster Omelet, Chinese Pickled Cabbage, and Drunken Chicken.

Japan also celebrates this holiday but it’s called ‘Kinrokansha” which translates to Labor Thanksgiving Day. It was declared a national holiday after World War II in 1948, now they celebrate it on November 23 every year. People take this day to appreciate one another for their success done throughout the year. They don’t have a big feast like in America, it’s more of a casual meal with their loved ones.

In the United States Thanksgiving is a huge deal, some businesses close and most schools usually give students a week off. Many people travel and reunite with their loved ones to celebrate it together. Thanksgiving is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November to give thanks to one another. The holiday was first celebrated in November 1621, when both Pilgrims and Wampanoag Indians gathers to have an autumn harvest celebration. Since then people gather with friends and family to have dinner together. The most famous dishes to eat on Thanksgiving is Turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn, stuffing, dinner rolls, and pumpkin pie.

Thanksgiving is celebrated in different parts of the world, people coming together to appreciate one another. Having gratitude for another great and healthy year.