The Medina’s Bakery Is In Town

Sherlyn Cortez, Staff Writer

Medina’s Bakery will be opening soon in Los Fresnos, Texas! The Medina family will welcome the newest business in town on November 6,2020 on Highway 100. The community is welcome to stop by and get a taste of a large selection of sweet bread. 

The grand opening will be hosted by the owner Juan Medina and his family the night before to celebrate they open their doors to their customers. Hours of operation will be from 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. throughout the week. The bakery will require their customers to wear a mask and follow social distancing regulations due to Covid-19. To welcome their new customers The Medina family will also be hosting giveaways and other fun treats.

The family have worked so hard to put this together and it will be a moment they will forever cherish. They’ve put in so much time and money hoping to have a successful turnout for their very own bakery. “We couldn’t have done it without God and our family by our side and this is one of our greatest accomplishments we can have and this is just the beginning”, one of the owners Maria Medina stated.

Owners Juan Medina and Maria Medina have been baking for 23 years and have a great amount of experience of making the best desserts possible. It’s been a dream of theirs to open up their own family bakery and it’s finally coming true. They’ve stumbled  across many obstacles like money but they were able to overcome and put in the work to finally have enough to open up their very own business.

“We will do our best to put a smile on our customers’ faces so come by and try our conchas, bread, empanadas , barritas , cupcakes , coffee, and many more, you won’t regret it!” owner Juan Medina stated. With the fall season in full bloom and winter right around the corner, going to Medina’s bakery will be a perfect addition to your day and have a warm delicious breakfast, lunch,  or snack.