LFHS Students Rank Their Favorite Cafeteria Food

Katie Cantu, Staff Writer

Lunch time at Los Fresnos High School is the best time for students to converse with friends or catch up on work, and what better way than to do so on a full stomach.

The food can be the highlight of the day for some students and they can’t seem to get enough of a few specific meals. In fact, a few of the senior class students spoke out and rated the best cafeteria school food.

In an unscientific poll of students in the A lunch period, the first place winner was the flavorful wings that always leave our hands and faces messy. Ranking at number two was the lasagna/pasta that some students said had an Olive Garden feel to the meal. In third place were the tamales that some students can’t get enough of.

Senior Gerry Reyes disagreed with the list and praised an underrated meal.

“I rush to the line to get to the enchiladas,” Reyes said. “They’re the best food at Los Fresnos High school and the way that cheesy goodness just strings from your mouth puts me in a euphoric state that no other food can compare to.”

A few other meals that the smaller majority of students mentioned were tater tots and nachos, which give the high school an at home feeling for students who spent their time eating and mingling.

Lunch time at Los Fresnos High School has some great food options that students enjoy and I would also like to add a special thanks to our cooks who put in the work every day to feed us students. Our favorite meals would not be possible without the lunch staff, and many seniors are thankful for the free meals they have the opportunity to eat each day going at school.