Portland State University

Adilenne Alarcon, Staff Writer

Portland State University stands for something bigger than just a normal university. It stands for diversity, opportunity, and achievement.

Portland State University is well known for its diverse population of students, for being affordable, and for being one of the most innovative universities. Keeping such titles is only done through hard work, dedication, and strategy. For anyone looking to study in depth any kind of science career this is the right fit for you. At this university research extends in unimaginable ways. Especially when it comes to research about taking care of the environment. It is widely known that at this university students care a lot about the environment and the community. 

Oregon, which is the state where Portland State University is located, is very well known to be aware of the environment and of taking care of the community. I am living proof of that. The community there is very welcoming and helpful. Especially at this University. Advisors, and professors strive everyday to meet the accommodations of their students. Everyday they work hard to make everything more alleviating. If you’re looking to study for any degree in general and are looking for a welcoming area and fruitful environment then Portland State University is perfect for you. 

Portland State University Quick Facts:

  • Top Undergraduate Majors
    • Psychology
    • Biology
    • Computer Science
    • Marketing
    • Accounting
  • Top Graduate Majors
    • Social Work 
    • Education
    • Electrical and Computer Engineering
    • Computer Science
    • Education Leadership & Policy
  • Degree Programs
    • Bachelor’s :111
    • Master’s: 76
    • Doctoral:24
  • Student Diversity
    • White:50.8%
    • Asian: 8.3%
    • Latino:16.2%
    • International: 5%
    • African American:3.5%
    • Native American:1%
    • Multi-Ethnic:5.9%
    • Native Hawaiian:1%
    • Other:8.8%