A Cheated Speedrun?

Speedrunning in the Minecraft community is a huge part of the speedrunning community and although these kinds of runs rely on RNG most of the time, hundreds of people try to get their own world record. But what happens when a huge icon supposedly  cheats during one of these runs?

Who is Dream?

Dream was a relatively small channel at first. He started his youtube career in 2018, however when he started playing Minecraft in 2019 he had gained a little more popularity. 2020, however, was his biggest year. He had gained millions of subscribers and was earning almost 100 thousand subscribers a day for a few weeks. He started to do more videos with his friends such as GeorgeNotFound and Sapnap to name a few. He had also been invited to play with MrBeast in some of his Minecraft videos. Sometime in 2019, he had picked up Minecraft speedrunning and had become an icon in that community as well. He was competing with the top speedrunners to get the world record. At one point, he had the record but it didn’t take long for someone to take it back.

The Speedrun

On December 11th of 2020, a few mods from the speedrunning community had deemed Dream’s run as fake.They had found that Dream’s luck in the run was astronomically high and should not have been possible. In fact, the odds were 1/7.5 trillion. During the run, Dream had bartered with zombie pigmen giving him 12 ender pearls extremely fast which had been one part of his supposed luck’. He had also gotten blazes to drop their blaze rods in the fastest way possible. Adding these two odds together, the mods had deemed the run as fake and modded. Dream had of course been quite irritated since he had said he didn’t mod his game. 

The Aftermath

After the mods had deemed his run to be fake, they had released a report that showed how his odds could not have been mathematically possible. After this incident, Dream had released his own response and hired a harvard astrophysicist to calculate the math and prove his innocence. Though the video had brought good points to the table, Dream had not given any information as to who the astrophysicist was so many people had brushed off his response. And although Dream and his fans had kept wanting to prove that he was innocent, everyone else had already accepted that Dream had most likely faked his run.