Is it beneficial to get a job as a teenager?

Adilenne Alarcon, Staff Writer

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Having a job as a high school student brings many beneficial factors into one’s lives.

One would think that having a job at such an early age is nothing  but a burden. However, we fail to see the benefits it brings. Junior Rosalva Gonzalez testifies that having a job brings many rewards to us as teenagers. She says that having a job has helped her with being more exposed to strangers. She states that working at McDonalds has shown her how to be more professional and have better time-management skills.

According to the article “Should students hold a job while attending high school?”by Walden University, it states that having a job as a teenager is really good. It says that it helps teenagers learn about the importance of schooling and the value of money.

If some parents think that having a job will be too hectic for a teen, they can always work only weekends. Most jobs are flexible. “If you’re a teenager and thinking about getting a job, you should at least give it a try.” says junior Rosalva Gonzalez.