Lunch is Served

Alejandra Sayas, Staff Writer


When going to school for approximately nine hours a day, it is important for children to have access to food because they need nutrients and energy to get through the school day. Thankfully, schools do provide breakfast and lunch for students who are unable to have it provided at home.


Your opinions on school lunches

“The cafeteria food is just enough food to get me through the day. I think it’s proportioned perfectly and is a pretty good amount,” Alondra Tefertiller followed up to the question above. Supporting Alondra’s statement cafeteria workers try their best to correctly proportion meals when serving to students. The food given out contains items from the five major food groups, including fruits, vegetables, meat, dairy, and grains. “They (Los Fresnos School Cafeterias) have sections where you can choose your own food and toppings. It’s not already done, so I can do it the way I like it,” Alondra Tefertiller stated when asked what is her favorite part of Los Fresnos cafeterias.

Los Fresnos School Cafeterias provide many food options for its students, faculty, and staff. Individuals are able to pick their own meals for breakfast and lunch. There are also resources for students who bring their lunches from home such as microwaves and utensils. For students that do not have the opportunity to bring lunch from home, our cafeterias provide pizza, burgers, and a variety of other food options. This gives the students and faculty the option to choose whatever they would like that is provided for them!

During the summer of 2020, the district of Los Fresnos provided curbside meals for students to pick up due to coronavirus. Students can go with their parents or guardian and pick up a fresh meal from the school to eat. Currently, schools are providing lunches for students that are doing hybrid and remote learning. During school hours, busses pass through neighborhoods and drop off both breakfast and lunch safely. Students at the schools take safety precautions when eating in the cafeteria by staying more than six feet apart from each other. Alondra Tefertiller was asked how she felt about Los Fresnos providing students and staff members food during a pandemic. “I think they are taking good safety precautions when giving out food to us. We are very fortunate that our school district and lunch staff are taking their time to provide meals throughout our school days.”